Best Smart DNS Reviews 2016

- Unblock-US 5/5
- OverPlay 5/5
- Unlocator 4/5
- Blockless 4/5
- IbDNS 4/5
- UnoTelly 3/5
- TrickByteDNS 3/5
- AdFreeTime 3/5
- MediaHint 3/5
- PlayMO 3/5
- SmartDNSProxy 3/5
- GetFlix 3/5
- DNS4ME 2/5
- SmartyDNS 2/5
- ProxyDNS 1/5
- TurboFlix 1/5
- UnblockMedia 1/5

How to get American Netflix around the World

Get American Netflix In Canada / Australia /UK!

- How to get American Netflix in Canada

Best Netflix Chrome Extensions

How to unblock Netflix and watch region-blocked content by installing a browser extension

- Blockless Browser Based DNS
- Zenmate Browser Based VPN
- MediaHint Browser Based DNS
- ProxMate Browser Based Proxy
- BrowSec Browser Based VPN
- DotVPN Browser Based VPN
- BetterNet Browser Based VPN
- fri-Gate Browser Based Proxy
- TunnelBear Browser Based VPN
- JustUnblock Browser Based DNS
- Hola Browser Based VPN Peer

Have you checked out Unblock-us yet?

Best ways to access other regions Netflix libraries (Canada, US, etc.) with a UK account?

How to watch Netflix from other regions?

There are different ways to unblock Netflix (Get US Netflix + Change Netflix region) and to watch it wherever you are in the world - Unblock Netflix with these 4 Easy Ways:


Method 1: Use the Paid DNS from Unblock-US (Premium SmartDNS service)

The best way to access other Netflix Regions is to sign up for a SmartDNS service. The easiest and most efficient way. We recommend Unblock-US

Unblock-US will enhance your Netflix experience

Only $4.99 a month, or $49.90 a year!

Many devices as you wish, as long as they are on the same network, using one subscription

No software to install - The service will work immediately

They offer a 7-day free trial without requiring any credit card information, just an email address

Netflix region switching with 21 regions - Access all the Netflix catalogues in the world, wherever you come from!

SmartVPN (Alternative way of connecting to DNS) - If the ISP doesn't allow you to use other DNS servers than its own then Unblock-US offers a VPN (PPTP) to replace its SmartDNS.

Unblock-US has two advantages when using Netflix:

  • Its large number of supported devices:
    • In Browser
    • Apple TV - Roku - WDTV - Boxee
    • Smart TV - Samsung - LG & Sony - Panasonic
    • Android - iOS - Amazon Fire Tablet
    • PS4 & PS3 - Xbox 1 & 360 - Wii & WiiU
  • Its option, Netflix region switching, that lets you access and watch the content of 21 different regions ! Awesome !


Method 2: Use Free DNS codes

American DNS codes for Netflix are highly sought after. Here is an example of DNS codes that give you the ability to watch the American version of Netflix. 

    SECONDARY DNS - No Secondary necessary

There are three problems with DNS codes

  • There aren't many of them. But i have compiled all latest US Free Netflix DNS Codes

  • They are inefficient: they can be slow and unreliable because they are overused. Above all they are unstable because they can stop working at any time.

  • And they are unsafe, unsecure: Use these DNS codes at your own risk!

Don't waste your time with Free DNS codes

Try Unblock-US for free for 7 days and you will see the difference:

    Speed: the DNS codes from Unblock-US are fast and do not reduce the speed of your internet.

    Reliable and secure - DNS codes from Unblock-US are available 24/7. Even in case you switch regions for Netflix you only need to restart your browser and the new DNS is ready straightaway. More importantly, the DNS codes that Unblock-US provides are completely safe.

    Multiple Regions of Netflix - Watching American Netflix is great since it has the largest catalogue. What's more Unblock-US offers Netflix's 21 regions (Australian Netflix, UK Netflix, France Netflix, Canadian Netflix, Sweden Netflix, Netherlands Netflix, ...) which means you have access to everything on Netflix from your home.
You can get all of this for only $4.99 a month or $49.90 a year!. Click here to get Unblock-US


Method 3: Free DNS services (Free SmartDNS)

There are free SmartDNS services in beta testing (StremR) or totally free ones like Portaller

Theses free DNS unblocking services are in demand by anyone that wants to unblock streaming services like Netflix.

But the free services come at a cost:

  • Slow or unstable DNS speed because of a large number of users. These Free DNS services are often in beta testing and can't take too many users at once.

  • Beta testing stops without warning! No guarantee of a long-term service.

  • Options like "Netflix Region Picker" and number of channels are limited. Even more so for entirely free services.

DNS Unblocking Service Unblock-US vs Free DNS services

Advantages of Unblock-US over Free DNS services:

    Speed - Unblock-US does not slow down your internet connection at all. As such, region blocked websites will load incredibly quickly.

    Reliable - Works on 99.9% of the Time.

    Better support - Great Setup Instructions with Guide Articles. Additionally, Unblock-Us has a dedicated support team that’s accessible 24/7.

    Unblock-Us is an innovative service - They are not in a testing period. They are in total control of the options they offer which work perfectly.

    Safe - Unblock-US is safe to use. It does not download anything to your computer.

Unblock-US service is reliable and trustworthy.


Method 4: Unlock hundreds of movies on Netflix with a simple browser extension

This is a very popular method, but it has many disadvantage. And many people still use the HOLA extension which should be avoided!

"Netflix Chrome Extensions" are based on DNS, VPN and Proxy. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Les "Browsers Based DNS" like MediaHint tend to have the advantage of using DNS system performances: fast, safe, reliable.

Most others are based on VPN, which has three disadvantage:

  • Loss of speed. A VPN helps protect your online privacy and anonymity by encrypting your data. Loss of speed, due to the encryption.

  • The whole browser connects to the server IP. Which can be annoying for online services like Paypal which may block your account if the VPN IP seems suspicious. This is why we recommend using two browsers for extension-based VPN. One configured with the extension that serves as from streaming Netflix or for more confidential browsing. One browser that keeps your ISP IP for sites that check the IP that connect to them.

  • Switching is less practical and slower than with Unblock-US. With a VPN, you always need to make sure that you're connected to a VPN that is located in a country that is able to access a region locked website. For example, if you want to connect to the BBC iPlayer service, you' ll need to connect to a VPN located in the UK. Then, if you wanted to access Hulu, you'd need to switch to a VPN located in the US. This can be a fiddly, time consuming, annoying process.

Whether by DNS or VPN, browser services are above all disadvantaged by the fact that they can only operate on one device, your internet browser! Most browser extension services only concentrate on the browser itself when there are lots of other devices.

All-inclusive package at Unblock-US

Simple pricing -  There’s just one service available at $4.99 per month, which covers all of your devices. This is an average cost, but could work out to be economical if you plan to use it with a large number of devices.

Compatibilty - Works on 99.9% of internet connected devices. It is possible to use Unblock-Us on your Mac or Windows operating system along with other streaming devices or tvs as well as Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Roku, Boxee.

    One subscription on multiple devices - Many devices as you wish, as long as they are on the same network, using one subscription

    Easily Access 140+ channels - With Unblock-US you change your DNS only once and you can access all the channels on offer.

    No VPN IP - Unblock US does not change your IP address or encrypt your web traffic


I have tested a large number of DNS services (free or subscription) to access Netflix, BBC iPlayer Hulu and Pandora. In my experience I can tell you that SmartDNS are the best. This is one of the most simple and easy methods for accessing any region-locked service. SmartDNS services don’t slow your internet speed at all, so you can stream the content as if it were available for you locally. They can be installed on all possible devices, and normally do not cost much at all.

Of all of these SmartDNS services, I prefer Unblock-US by a wide margin. I regularly check new services but when I want to spend a quiet evening in front of Netflix I always opt for Unblock-US.