Best Smart DNS Reviews 2016

- Unblock-US 5/5
- OverPlay 5/5
- Unlocator 4/5
- Blockless 4/5
- IbDNS 4/5
- UnoTelly 3/5
- TrickByteDNS 3/5
- AdFreeTime 3/5
- MediaHint 3/5
- PlayMO 3/5
- SmartDNSProxy 3/5
- GetFlix 3/5
- DNS4ME 2/5
- SmartyDNS 2/5
- ProxyDNS 1/5
- TurboFlix 1/5
- UnblockMedia 1/5

How to get American Netflix around the World

Get American Netflix In Canada / Australia /UK!

- How to get American Netflix in Canada

Best Netflix Chrome Extensions

How to unblock Netflix and watch region-blocked content by installing a browser extension

- Blockless Browser Based DNS
- Zenmate Browser Based VPN
- MediaHint Browser Based DNS
- ProxMate Browser Based Proxy
- BrowSec Browser Based VPN
- DotVPN Browser Based VPN
- BetterNet Browser Based VPN
- fri-Gate Browser Based Proxy
- TunnelBear Browser Based VPN
- JustUnblock Browser Based DNS
- Hola Browser Based VPN Peer

Have you checked out Unblock-us yet?

The best way to access geo-blocked sites like Netflix from anywhere in the world is to change your DNS. For example in Canada, many Netflix users change their DNS to get American Netflix in Canada. In this case DNS can virtually place you in the USA.

There are free (called: American DNS codes - Netflix DNS Codes - American Netflix DNS - US DNS codes - US Netflix DNS - dns codes for american netflix) and paying options (Our site has reviewed the best DNS Services To Unblock Netflix - Unblock-Us is the best).

Free VS Paid American DNS Codes
Accessing Netflix USA is a priority because:
  • Netflix is the best video streaming service.
  • The US catalogue is the largest in the world. This is why many users from Canada (DNS codes to get American Netflix in Canada) , Australia, Britain choose the US version of Netflix.
    How do you do it? How unblock and watch Netflix outside US with DNS Codes (free or paid)

The simplest method is to change your DNS since they are very simple to modify:

  • No need to install another programme.
  • Works with almost any device
  • No loss of speed - Extremely fast internet connection
Free Netflix access - are there free Netflix DNS codes ?

Yes, here there is a US NETFLIX DNS that will allow you to play U.S. Netflix:

    SECONDARY DNS - No Secondary necessary

Here is a list of current working American DNS codes to be able to enjoy the American Netflix content no matter where you are in the world => List of American DNS codes for you to access the American Netflix, updated on February 29, 2016

Free Netflix DNS codes - are they dangerous? without issues?

Using Free Netflix DNS codes poses a few problems:

  • These free Netflix DNS codes change constantly. They can stop working without warning. They need to be updated regularly.
  • Certain hackers promote these codes in order to spy on you or steal your information.
  • DNS unblocking services like ViperDNS spread these codes to promote their services.
  • These Free Netflix DNS codes are not compatible with all devices.
  • Free Netflix DNS codes can also be slow at resolving addresses due to being overloaded with other users

This is why we recommend Paid DNS Codes - Comparison of U.S. DNS unblocking services

3 reasons:
- Easy - SmartDNS have tutorials to install their DNS on any device, even TV media players
- Cheap - The service provider doesn’t have to pay for the streaming bandwidth you are using
- Fast streaming - Since it's direct instead of relayed through another site.

The best on is Unblock-US, for $4.90/month, which will unblock Netflix and other channels. Also they offer a 7-day free trial without requiring any credit card information, just an email address

Why Unblock-US ? - Unblock-US: Best Alternative to Free DNS codes
  • We have been using it every day for the last six months to watch Netflix USA (or other 21 regions) and can guarantee the quality of its services.
  • Their DNS don't change. Once configured you do not need to update it.
  • Multi-devices. For each channel, Unblock-US has an installation guide for every device where the channel is available: IPad, Iphone, Ipod, Android Smartphones and Android Tablets, Windows Phone, Windows 7 & Windows 8 of course, Mac OS, Linux and many more platforms
  • Secure service: Unblock-US DNS are safe. Unlike Free Netflix DNS codes that should be used with full knowledge of the risks inherent
  • What's more, Unblock-US lets you unblock other channels like Hulu Plus, HBONow, SlingTV, Amazon Instant, and more. Sports: NFL, NBA, Premier league, MLS).


We test all the Free DNS codes that we publish. For the moment we didnít find any overtly malicious activity from the alternative DNS servers we tested, we did find some that were re-routing traffic to a paid-for service (Playmo TV - ViperDNS). We test each DNS with care! but it doesn't mean that you won't connect to something malicious. 

The other disadvantage is that you constantly have to search for a new one to use. This is why we discourage the use of these Free DNS codes. They are only temporarily valid.

Our advice is to sign up for Unblock-US, it is not expensive and their DNS is secure. With Unblock-US no-one can direct you to a fake Netflix page to try and steal your details.

Unblock-US is the best way to Unblock and Watch other regions Netflix libraries with Paid DNS code