Best Smart DNS Reviews 2016

- Unblock-US 5/5
- OverPlay 5/5
- Unlocator 4/5
- Blockless 4/5
- IbDNS 4/5
- UnoTelly 3/5
- TrickByteDNS 3/5
- AdFreeTime 3/5
- MediaHint 3/5
- PlayMO 3/5
- SmartDNSProxy 3/5
- GetFlix 3/5
- DNS4ME 2/5
- SmartyDNS 2/5
- ProxyDNS 1/5
- TurboFlix 1/5
- UnblockMedia 1/5

How to get American Netflix around the World

Get American Netflix In Canada / Australia /UK!

- How to get American Netflix in Canada

Best Netflix Chrome Extensions

How to unblock Netflix and watch region-blocked content by installing a browser extension

- Blockless Browser Based DNS
- Zenmate Browser Based VPN
- MediaHint Browser Based DNS
- ProxMate Browser Based Proxy
- BrowSec Browser Based VPN
- DotVPN Browser Based VPN
- BetterNet Browser Based VPN
- fri-Gate Browser Based Proxy
- TunnelBear Browser Based VPN
- JustUnblock Browser Based DNS
- Hola Browser Based VPN Peer

Have you checked out Unblock-us yet?

Unblock-US vs American DNS Codes

Why should I subscribe to Unblock-US paid DNS when there are Free Netflix DNS codes out there that provide the same service for free?

Netflix DNS Codes

Only $4.99 a month, or $49.90 a year!


They offer a 7-day free trial without requiring any credit card information, just an email address


Netflix region switching with 21 regions - Access all the Netflix catalogues in the world, wherever you come from!


Many devices as you wish, as long as they are on the same network, using one subscription


Their DNS don't change. Once configured you do not need to update it.


Unblock-US DNS are safe. Unlike Free Netflix DNS codes that should be used with full knowledge of the risks inherent
Free Netflix DNS codes change constantly. They can stop working without warning. They need to be updated regularly


Certain hackers promote these codes in order to spy on you or steal your information.


DNS unblocking services like ViperDNS spread these codes to promote their services.


These Free Netflix DNS codes are not compatible with all devices.


Free Netflix DNS codes can also be slow at resolving addresses due to being overloaded with other users